Cataract Symptoms

Find out how cataracts affect your vision. This could be a yellow-hue or clouding in your eyes. Find out what the optician will look for, and how they diagnose cataracts.

As you get older you may notice your vision has deteriorated and this may be due to cataracts – get your eyes checked by your optician if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described here.

Questions about symptoms

  • UV radiation – How does UV radiation cause cataracts?

  • Colour – Do cataracts affect colour vision?

  • Symptoms – Can you see cataracts?

  • Vertigo – Can cataracts cause vertigo?

  • LASIK surgery – Can a person with cataracts have LASIK surgery?

  • Surgery – What happens if I don’t get cataract surgery?

  • Causes – Is cataracts hereditary?

  • Symptoms – How can you tell if you have cataracts?

  • Vision – Can cataracts improve vision?

  • Stroke – Can a stroke cause cataracts?

  • Formation – How long do cataracts take to develop?

  • Headaches – Can cataracts cause headaches?

  • Appearance – What do cataracts look like?

  • Surgery – How long does cataract surgery take?

  • Symptoms – What is a cataract?

All About Cataracts is a directory with a collection of the questions frequently asked by patients with cataracts.

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The information provided in this directory is to increase public awareness of cataracts and not be used as a substitute for medical advice.

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