Cataract Treatment

Once your optician has diagnosed you have cataracts they will refer you to a hospital and ophthalmologist for cataract-removal surgery. The procedure itself is quick (about 10 mins), usually with no injection needed and described as painless by patients.

You can choose which hospital you want to go to for your surgery, and your optician will talk through all your options. Here’s some questions about the patient journey and the procedure your surgeon will perform.

Questions about treatment

  • Glasses – Why do I need glasses after cataract surgery?

  • Surgery – What does an eye look like after cataract surgery?

  • Surgery – How is a cataract operation performed?

  • Near-sighted – Does cataract surgery correct near-sightedness?

  • Surgery – Can you see during cataract surgery?

  • Retinal – Can cataract surgery cause retinal detachment?

  • Surgery – When was the first cataract operation done?

  • Surgery – What happens if I don’t get cataract surgery?

  • Surgeries – How many cataract surgeries per year UK?

  • Lutein – Can Lutein help cataracts?

  • Laser – Can cataracts be removed by laser?

  • Treatment & Prevention – How to prevent cataracts

  • Painful? – Is cataract surgery painful?

  • Cost – How much is cataract surgery?

  • Surgery – How long does cataract surgery take?

  • Surgery – Dos and don’ts after cataract surgery

All About Cataracts is a directory with a collection of the questions frequently asked by patients with cataracts.

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The information provided in this directory is to increase public awareness of cataracts and not be used as a substitute for medical advice.

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