LASIK surgery – Can a person with cataracts have LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery(1) doesn’t correct the loss of vision that cataracts cause. The only way to remove cataracts is to have cataract surgery. Resultantly, LASIK surgery isn’t a procedure that’s recommended for people with cataracts.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule of thumb(2). For example, people who have small and stable congenital cataracts, that are not affecting their vision very much, might still be able to have LASIK surgery. If you have small and stable congenital cataracts, or mild but stable cataracts of other types and would like LASIK surgery to correct visual issues stemming from short or far sightedness, or astigmatism, then contact your optician for advice on whether this is a suitable course of action for you.

If you have age-related cataracts and are also short or far sighted, or have astigmatism, then it’s possible for you to have these issues corrected as part of your cataract surgery. Your surgeon can use intraocular lenses that will help to reduce your reliance on glasses or contact lenses. These IOLs, however, tend to be more expensive and are not generally available on the NHS.

It’s always best to seek advice from your optician and surgeon on what is best for you based on your individual circumstances and eye health.



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