Stroke – Can a stroke cause cataracts?

A stroke takes place when part of your brain is starved of oxygen. It’s common to have issues with your vision after you have a stroke, because your eyes send information to the parts of your brain that process the information they take in and allow you to see.

The Stroke Association cites that in somewhere in the region of two thirds of people who suffer a stroke have problems with their vision afterwards(1). However, it isn’t thought that strokes can cause cataracts.

Of course, every stroke is different in its severity, duration, the areas of the brain it affects most, and the length of time for which its effects last. Visual issues that are commonly caused by strokes includes visual field loss, double or blurry vision and strokes can also affect your brain’s visual processing ability.

If you have suffered a stroke and are suffering from visual impairment, contact the Stroke Association(2) for support and information.



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