Optrex – Can I use Optrex after cataract surgery?

It’s fine to continue using eye drops, including Optrex, after cataract surgery(1).

Your cataract surgery may leave you with temporary symptoms such as dry eyes, gritty eyes, red and slightly sore eyes, scratchy eyes, watering eyes, sticky eyes or sensitivity to bright light. None of these symptoms should last more than a couple of days. You’ll be given eye drops after your surgery that will help your eyes to heal, and, help to stop them becoming infected.

If you had existing, long-term, eye issues, prior to your cataract surgery, and use prescribed or over-the-counter eye drops to counteract the symptoms of your pre-existing condition(s) then it’s absolutely fine for you to continue to use these eye drops after you’ve had your cataract surgery.

You should start using both your normal eye drops and the eyedrops prescribed to you by your cataract surgeon the day after you have your cataract surgery.

It’s usually advised that you use the eye drops prescribed to you by your optometrist, after surgery, for around 4 weeks, and, although it’s OK for you to use other eye drops as well as those that you have been prescribed, it’s suggested that you leave at least 5 minutes between administering each type.

Again, it’s fine to continue to use Optrex or other eye drops after you’ve had cataract surgery(2).



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