Flying – Can you fly after cataract surgery?

Advice on how soon you can fly after cataract surgery varies. It’s usually considered OK to fly a week after your cataract operation before you fly; the NHS website quotes a Civil Aviation Authority recommendation(1) of leaving 24 hours from your procedure before flying.

As all peoples’ individual circumstances and healing times will vary, we recommend consulting your doctor before you make a decision to fly after having cataract surgery; your doctor will be familiar with your personal circumstances and health, and, be able to take a look at your eye and make a completely bespoke recommendation that is based on, and best for, you.

It’s also worth checking your travel insurance policy to see what its guidelines around flying after cataract surgery are. If flying too quickly following your surgery will void your insurance, it would perhaps be wise to consider waiting a little longer before you take your trip.



  1. NHS UK: When can I fly after surgery?

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