Colour – Do cataracts affect colour vision?

Cataracts may affect colour vision, with many patients stating they see a yellow tint on everything. The longer you have cataracts the more likely you will experience these changes in colour perception, with many brighter colours appearing yellow or brown. This change in colour can also degrade the sharpness in vision.

Many patients will also experience a change in colour vision following surgery, with colours appearing much more vivid and brighter. Some colours may appear different following surgery(1), with some patients experiencing hints of blue for a short while*. The ability to perceive colours in their correct form normally returns within a few weeks after cataract surgery. Many patients talk positively about being able to see the full range of colours again following cataract surgery.



  1. BMC Ophthalmology: The impact of age-related cataracts on colour perception, postoperative recovery and related spectra derived from test of hue perception

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