Dry eyes – Does cataract surgery cause dry eyes?

Cataract surgery doesn’t cause long-term dry eyes. During the healing process your eye may feel dry and gritty, though. And, pre-existing dry eye conditions often need to be addressed before cataract surgery is carried out, or it could affect the outcome of the surgery.

If you’re experiencing dry or gritty eyes, during the healing process after having cataract surgery, then it could be helpful to use a type of eye drops known as artificial teardrops to lubricate your eye and reduce the dryness.

Artificial teardrops are available from any pharmacist(1) and are available in carmellose, hypromellose, carbomer, acetylcysteine and polyvinyl alcohol varieties*. It’s advised that you leave at least 5 minutes between using these and the eye drops you’ll be prescribed as part of your standard post cataract surgery care.



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