Painful? – Is cataract surgery painful?

Cataract surgery isn’t at all painful(1), as it’s carried out using anaesthetics; for most patients this will be done under local anaesthesia, using eye drops.

You’ll be awake during the operation, but your eye and the surrounding area will be numbed beforehand, using anaesthetic.

You don’t need to have any injections, as the anaesthetic for cataract surgery is administered using eye drops and your eye will be dilated prior to the procedure, using a tiny pellet that your nurse will insert in to your eye, so, there’s no pain from the surgery and there are no needles or injections to worry about, either.

After your cataract surgery, when your anaesthetic wears off, you may feel some slight discomfort for a day or two, but, don’t worry, this is usually very mild and can easily be managed with self-administered, non-prescription painkillers. Once your cataract surgery has been completed, your nurse will talk you through your post-surgery eye care, ensuring you know what to do, both for managing any mild discomfort, and general care of your eye, to ensure that it heals as quickly as possible.



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