Surgery – What does an eye look like after cataract surgery?

Immediately after cataract surgery it’s perfectly normal for your eye to appear red, bloodshot and inflamed. If your eye feels itchy, gritty or scratchy, this is also perfectly normal, and these symptoms will usually disappear within a week or so.

It’s also not unusual for your eye to produce a clear discharge during its initial post-surgery healing; this should also clear up within a week or so.

Your doctor will provide you with eye drops once your surgery has been completed. These are to help prevent infection in your eye, reduce inflammation and to help to manage eye pressure during the healing process.

Usually, following cataract surgery, your eye will be completely healed in somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks. By closely following the post-operative care instructions that will be given to you, after your surgery, you’ll both reduce the risk of the eye becoming infected or having any other complications, and, minimise the time it takes for your eye to completely heal.

Once your eye is completely healed, it will look exactly as it did before your cataracts developed; clear, bright, and with no perceptible difference from your other eye (unless, of course, your other eye also has cataracts, and has yet to be operated on, in which case it will look markedly different from your other eye until it has also had cataract surgery and healed completely). But, in short, an eye looks entirely normal after cataract surgery.

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